+385 99 518 3477 info@zicotours.com
+385 99 518 3477 info@zicotours.com

We are a group of young but experienced travel enthusiasts and proud Croatian citizens. During the years, our mission was to present the perfect experience on our tours to all our guests so they would take home wonderful memories of our country. Every year we are creating new day trips and multi day tours where we wish our clients would get the authentic touch of the destination by spending time with locals, visiting all kinds of small family farms or other businesses and enjoying in the real local delicacies which is not always easy to find on crowded tourist spots. Our team is growing every year by other enthusiasts who give their best to be kind and friendly to our guests and make sure to have lots of fun while exploring all the natural beauties and historical and cultural treasures we are blessed to live in. On our day trips from Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik we will make sure you make the best of the day by visiting the popular tourist spots but also the surroundings to see how people live there. All our multi day tours can be customized per your wishes and we will do our best that you just relax and enjoy and have the best holiday.

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You already did your research and have an idea about the places you would like to visit? Let us know your travel dates, places you would like to visit and stay in, maybe some special experiences and the preferred type of accommodation so together we will create the perfect itinerary for an unforgettable holiday .


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